ZaK - Reservation detail

The reservation detail consists essentially of three sections: a first section with a summary of the reservation and all details (client, dates, treatment, etc.); a second section with details of all costs (total, rooms, extras, meals, taxes, etc.); and a third section with discounts, notes and the messaging system.

Section 1 - Summary

In the Summary section, in order, you will find all the following information:

  • the name of the booker, with his or her email and phone number
  • the WhatsApp icon near the phone number. By clicking on it, you'll be redirected on the Whatsapp page for communicating with the guest. Therefore, if you are using a computer, you just need to open Whatsapp Web to proceed.
  • the icon to add a new tag for that customer. If there are tags already present, they will be shown next to the customer's name
  • the icon   to modify the booking customer
  • the reservation code
  • the icon to print a summary of the reservation
  • the icon to edit the details we are talking about
  • the icon to open a menu with 6 options:

1. "Detailed info": to display more detailed info, e.g. info sent by the Channel if it is an OTA reservation

2. "Reservation history": to display all actions carried out on the reservation, either by you and your staff or by ZaK

3. "Voucher": to display the voucher, generate a new one or re-send it by email

4. "Copy reservation": to copy the reservation and then create another one of the same type, changing the dates if necessary

5. "Rooming list": to view a list of guests, rooms, dates and boards included in that reservation

6. "Settings": to choose if you want to print the CC details when printing the reservation

  • the dates of the reservation and the number of nights (by clicking on them, you can open the reservation on Planner or zView)


  • the icons indicating the number of nights, rooms and guests


  • buttons to display the Guest Page (which also includes the online check-in tool); the Registration Page (where you can register the guests data); the Registration Card (the summary of recorded data); and The Bill (with a printable detail of all costs and payments of the reservation, including vat, net price and gross price).


  • the reservation status (confirmed, option, offer, cancelled, no-show)
  • the reservation board (room only, breakfast, half board, full board, all inclusive)
  • the date on which the reservation was made
  • the check-in time, if defined
  • the agency/corporate associated with that reservation, if set
  • the tags associated with that reservation, if set (e.g. 'business')
  • the cancellation policy
  • the guarantee method associated with that reservation and the shield indicating whether it has been guaranteed (green) or not (red)


  • the credit card, if any. You can see it by clicking on "Show" and entering your CC password


! ATTENTION: the Card is automatically removed 7 days after check-out. If you change the dates of your reservation, the original dates will still be considered.

Section 2 - Costs details

In the central part of the page, we find more details about services and costs, payments and documents. First, at the top we find icons summarizing the total amount for rooms, extras, taxes and meals:

Further to the right, the amount already paid is shown in green, the unpaid amount in red, the invoiced amount in blue and the total amount in black:

Below these values are 6 important sections: Rooms, Extras, Meals, Ctaxes, Payments, Invoices. Let's see them one by one!


This summarizes all the rooms included in the reservation, indicating the room setup (if defined); the occupancy; the price; and the guests who will be staying in that room. For example:

As you can see in the picture, there are many icons:

  • the icon    to mark rooms and guests as arrived/departed
  • the icons to mark a single guest as arrived/departed
  • the icon for adding new rooms to the reservation
  • the icon   for adding a new guest to that specific room
  • the icon  which offers 4 options: edit that room, copy that room to add another one, add an extra to that room or add a meal to that room. Choosing to edit the room, you can edit the setup; the room block; the occupancy; the dates; the price by clicking on the little pencil next to the dates; the room type and/or the physical room:


  • the icon that allows you to manage the PII reports for that reservation. It indicates any missing data and for which PII reports each guest is enabled:

  • the iconto assign custom dates to that individual guest, useful when various guests arrive/depart on different days
  • the iconto delete that guest
  • the icons indicating how many extras/boards are assigned to a guest or to a room

Above the rooms, there are icons for deleting selected rooms, changing their prices and changing their dates.


Here you will find all the extras added for this booking. For each one we indicate the dates of consumption, the name of the extra, the quantity and the cost of the extra. For example:

By clicking on the + you can add new extras. You can create a new one at the moment, or you can choose from the existing ones under Products>Extras.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Extra

Instead, through the icons you can delete selected extras and change their prices.


All meals added for this reservation are listed here. For each one, the dates of consumption, the name of the meal, the quantity and the cost are indicated. If it is associated with a room, you will also find the room indicated. If it is associated with a guest, the guest is indicated. If you don't see any indication of a guest, it is associated with the full reservation. For example:

By clicking on the + you can add new meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Using the icons  you can delete selected meals and change their prices.


Here you will see the city tax for each day of the reservation, applied according to what you configured in the following menu:

↳ Useful Link: Settings > Taxes > City Tax

☞ Docs: ZaK - City Tax Configuration

On the right hand side you will find icons to edit or to delete the tax.


From this section you have the possibility to register one or more payments and to view those already registered. You can also register a refund by clicking on "ADD A REFUND". For each payment, the registration date, the payment method, the ZaK Team user who registered it (if defined) and the amount are indicated. For example:

By clicking on the icons  you can enter a note or delete that payment.
By clicking on the +, you have the possibility to enter a new payment:

☞ Docs: ZaK F.A.Q. - How to record a payment?

Finally, by clicking on the icon you can charge the guest's credit card. To learn more about this topic, please read the documentation about Guarantee Methods:

☞ Docs: ZaK - Guarantee methods for reservations


This section is needed to issue new documents (invoices, receipts, general documents, etc.) and to view documents already issued. All you have to do is choose the name of the document, the tax position to be used and the type of document, then click on the "CREATE" button:

☞ Docs: ZaK F.A.Q. - How to issue an invoice?

Section 3 - Discount, Remarks, Messaging and Colors

From this last part of the reservation detail you have the possibility to:

  • Click the button  to add a global discount, either fixed or percentage, to the entire reservation:


  • Click on the button  to choose whether to display the total amount net, gross or net+tax. For example net+tax:


  • From the "REMARKS" section, add one or more notes that will only be visible to you and NOT to the guest. Here you will also find any notes sent by Channels, in the case of OTA reservations.


  • From the "MESSAGING" section, view the templates already sent to the guest or send a new one manually.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Templates: your text models


  • From the "COLORS" section, assign a color to that reservation or to its rooms.

☞ Docs: ZaK F.A.Q. - How to use colors?