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Trivago is an important international metasearcher and through ZaK technologies it is possible to activate a promotional campaign on Trivago. In this way the ZaK Online Reception will appear on the Trivago portal too. In addition, the connection will allow you to integrate on ZaK the reservations of the portal and to update prices, restrictions and availability, all automatically.


Trivago is still in beta stage, so at the moment it's free and you won't be charged. After the test, the cost will be that of one channel (depending on how many channels you have connected).


  • You must already have an account on Trivago Business Studio. Make sure, in the Settings section, that WuBook is indicated as your Provider and that the option "Trivago Express Booking" is enabled. Actually Trivago in ZaK only supports the Express Booking, that is the possibility to book directly on Trivago's interface. This is why you can activate Trivago even if you are not using the ZaK Booking Engine.

Web: Trivago Business Studio

  • If you were already using Trivago on WooDoo, to connect it on ZaK make sure that on Trivago side the option "Express Booking" is enabled.
  • The information about your property entered on Trivago must match perfectly with the information entered in ZaK. You can find more details at point 3, "Business Information Control".
  • Trivago takes from ZaK the rooms images and descriptions  (which you configure in Sales>Contents), the cancellation policies and the rooms occupancy.

1. Add the channel

First you need to add the channel by clicking on the +. Click on the link below and follow the instructions in the next steps:

↳ Useful Link : ZaK > Sales > Channels > Add new channel

2. Access the channel configuration

Once added, click on the channel name (Trivago) in your channels list, to access and configure it. Click now on "CONNECT" button:

You'll be redirected to the INTRO section, where you find generic info about Trivago Metasearch.

3. Business information control

By default, we will send Trivago the information about your property that you entered in the following menu:

↳ Useful Link: Administration > Properties > Property Information

If you have several properties and need to enter different addresses, you can edit your business information in the Trivago channel under "OPTIONS". At this point, this will be the information we send to Trivago:

4. Enable rooms and rates

Now in the "PRODUCTS" section you'll find all your ZaK products with all your rates. Click on the icon  to enable the products/rates you want to sell on Trivago:

Enabled products will turn blue, while non-enabled ones will be purple.

In this way ZaK will start to update that room/rate on Trivago. At any time, if necessary, you can quickly close the sale of the room by clicking again the icon :

At this point your ZaK products will be purchasable directly from Trivago, through the Express Booking. On the search and booking page of Trivago, the rates you enabled on ZaK will be visible as "Hotel site".

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